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“Figlia d’arte” ("Daughter of art") is an old Italian expression explaining an artistically talented child born of an artistically talented family. Sima Verzino is a “figlia d’arte”.

Sima is what is referred to in Italy as “figila d’arte:” a child born with their parent’s talent. Her father was a vocalist, and classically trained on saxophone, clarinet, musical arrangements and conducted his own orchestra. He performed for elite social events in both Washington DC and New York City.  Sima was surrounded in the world of music throughout her life. 


As a young child, Sima’s talent was quite evident. Realizing this, her parents enrolled her in dance school at 3 years of age and piano studies at 6 years of age. 


At 13, she auditioned for admittance into the famous Fiorella La Guardia “School for the Performing Arts” in New York City, specializing in the Dramatic Arts.  She was chosen. That was the pivotal moment in her life and embarked on an early career in the performing arts.  She never looked back.


She attended university at the Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in marketing and journalism.


After discovering singing was her chosen path; auditioned and was accepted by two prominent vocal coaches in NYC bringing her to her full potential as a vocalist/performer.


At 25 years of age, Sima was chosen as a lead vocalist for exclusive society orchestras in NYC.


. 1985-1987: Lead vocalist with New York City orchestras and performances on major worldwide cruise ships.

.  1987: Was invited to perform in Rome, Italy at the famous “Jet Set” Jackie O club on Via Veneto: the location of the prominent Dolce Vita crowd. She was contracted for a two-week engagement but when Rome’s major newspaper, Il Messeggero published an outstanding article on her talents she made the decision to remain in Rome seeking a record deal. It happened in a short six months.

. 1987-1996: Was contracted by independent label, X Energy with worldwide distribution, writing and recording American Dance Music. Sima accomplished a myriad of hits with licensing throughout the world and “Sexitivity” landed on the Billboard charts here in America. 

  • Sima’s recordings were on heavy rotation on Italy’s radio stations and licensed throughout the world generating requests for performances on RAI TV, Italy’s foremost television station and concerts in major cities throughout Italy with her accompanying dance team. 

  • 1993: Sima forms her musical group with a core of well-known musicians and background singers, performing throughout Italy.

  • 1996-2003: Sima returns to NYC, taking a pause in her music career to dedicate time to creating Marcellino Ristorante with her husband first in NYC and presently in Scottsdale Arizona.

  • 2012: Returns to her music, founding her group, 

Sima and Her All Star Trio

  • Present - Notable performances: 

  • 2015 and 2018 – Italian Festival of Arizona- 10,000 attendees

  • Marcellino Ristorante: ongoing weekly performances with her All Star Trio.

  • 2020:  Concert - Teatro Marcellus in Rome Italy

  • 2020 – Concert -  The Nash, number one jazz club in Az.


Sima’s musical genre: Jazz, pop, swing, jazz/funk fusion and adult R&B

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